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MAS 85 SU Sunflower seeds

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Mas 85 SU Seeds offer top-tier sunflower cultivation, tailored for Egyptian farmers seeking optimal yields and resilience against common crop diseases. With a bag efficiently covering 5 feddans and a seeding rate of 30,000 seeds per feddan, Mas 85 SU Seeds ensure cost-effective and uniform planting.


  • Impressive productivity: Expect yields ranging from 1.5 to 1.8 tons per acre.
  • High oil content: Enjoy an average oil content of 42%, ideal for oil production.
  • Rich protein content: Grains boast a protein content of 30%, enhancing nutritional value.
  • Disease resistance: Resilient against most common sunflower diseases in Egypt.

Compatible with Trebinuron Methyl:
Efficient weed control after emergence
Outstanding return:
Stable and reliable
Adapted to RM9 mildew, Sclerotonia, and Phomopsis

MAS Characteristics:

  • Early vitality: 8
  • Resistance to lying: 7
  • Hulk resistance: E
  • Downy mildew tolerance: RM9
  • Phomopsis pest: 8
  • Scchlorotinia tablet: 8
  • Scchlorotinia leg: 8
  • Wilt: 8

MAS Attributes:

  • Flowering: mid-late
  • Length: long
  • Tablet shape: convex
  • Head position: palm down
  • Weight of a thousand pills: 52-58 g
  • Oil percentage: 46% - 47%
  1. Tribinuron methyl (TBMT) is an active substance of the herbicide that comes from the sulfonylurea family (Group B in the HRAC classification). This chemical has an inhibitory effect on the enzyme acetolactate synthetase (ALS), which is found in a wide range of plants.
  2. ALS is also targeted by imidazolinone herbicides but its efficacy over a different range of weeds.
  3. Methyltribinuron is particularly effective in eliminating difficult and harmful broadleaf weeds in sunflower fields. However, this solution does not allow good control of fine weeds.
  4. Tribinuron methyl should be applied at the age of two sunflower leaves only on tolerant sunflower hybrids. Ask the chemical retailer to adjust the dosage before spraying.

Advantages for farmers:

Flexible post-emergence weed control of sunflowers.

A different range of herbicides compared to Clearfield to control some broad weeds such as Cirsium A and fescue A.

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