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ADGA - ادجا
Assemdoss company started the field of seeds in 2003, and its first goal since its inception was to serve the Egyptian farmers, maximize its profitability, provide the best varieties in terms of production, resistance to diseases and the quality of its fruits, and provide everything that is new in the world of agriculture.
BioEgypt - بيو ايجيبت
BioEgypt is an agricultural service company that aims to spread awareness of using biological solutions instead of heavy chemical applications in treating the crops, this awareness can help much in saving the health and wealth of farmers.  BioEgypt specialized in microbial products including bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticides beside the use of beneficial insects in biocontrol and pollination. BioEgypt’s approach is to help the farmers in applying the latest techniques in agriculture as well as educating them in the safest and most economic farming practices both above and below soil and accordingly maximizing both their yield’s quantity and quality. One of our dreams is to increase Egypt’s exports from fruits and vegetables by reaching zero chemical residues. We have products that decrease the effect of both biotic and abiotic stresses on plants and thus reach the maximum potential of the plant though these unfavorable conditions.
Biota Egypt - بيوتا ايجيبت
Biota Egypt is one of the leading Bahgat Group companies in Egypt and the Middle East in the field of advanced technology and nanotechnology, which includes a group of companies under the brands Biotech EG and Nanotech Egypt. These companies specialize in several sectors, including: Fertilizers manufacturing sector using nanotechnology. Biotechnology research sector and manufacturing of biological and natural additives. Biocontrol sector using nanoscale elements, oils and natural extracts.
Cairo Chemical Company - شركة القاهرة للكيماويات
Cairo Chemical Company (CCC) is an Egyptian Stock Holding Company that has originated and emerged from a background of 45 years of experience in the field of agrochemicals. Established in Egypt since 1984, CCC is dealing in pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural supplies and provides very high quality products in cooperation with multinational companies. CCC not only focuses its efforts on providing the farmer with products to comply with his different needs, but also focuses on expanding the range of products available to him.   CCC is the sole importer and distributor for several kinds of pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators and industrial chemicals.  CCC Products: Fungicide : Topsin – Trifmine - Kasumin - Phostrol - Streptrol - Cuproxat Herbicide : Atlantis - Dexo - Clinic - Equip - Dora Super Insecticide : Maccomite - Milbeknock – Mallet CCC is representing many multinational companies such: Bayer Cropscience - Germany Nippon Soda Co - Japan  Nufarm... More
Grand Green - غراند جرين
An agricultural company working to provide the best types of seeds and agents of Dutch and Spanish companies in the field of seed production.
GreenBridge - Egypt - غرينبردج
GreenBridge is a leading provider of agriculture solutions specializing in the MENA region with over 30 years of experience. We provide a number of services including the distribution of specialty agricultural products with a wide variety from seeds and vitamins, to additives and embryos. We are discerning in our choice to be able to successfully play our part in ensuring better quality crops around the world. The company also provides farm development and management services that help farmers create economically viable projects on unused land, whether or not they have farming experience.
Hemaya - حماية
Hemaya Co.  was recently established with the aim of developing an understanding of Fully-Comprehensive Environmental Protection Systems. This would be achieved by the effective use of agricultural and public health pesticides and their derivates as well as agricultural fertilisers and growth management/ control products. Hemaya promotes the use of the latest control methods and cutting-edge technology to achieve this aim. Hemaya's vision is the advancement of the user knowledge and the raising of awareness for both the service provider and recipient in agriculture and public health sectors. Hemaya manufactures and imports the most superior products in these industries as recommended by The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and The Egyptian Health Ministry. 
MayTrade - ماى تريد
MayTrade is a Joint Stock Company established in 1986 with the purpose of serving RPA as its exclusive agent in Egypt after acquisition of the Union Carbide Ag business. MayTrade works with principals on the basis of agency/distribution contracts or license agreements.
Miegos - ميغوس
About Miegos Miegos is an Egyptian company that specializes in producing high quality organic fertilizers and premium products for home gardens and big farms alike. Miegos is part of Outgreens's group of companies that aim to improve the daily lives of millions by implementing sustainable solutions and environment-friendly alternatives. Set For Growth Today, Miegos (est. 2009) is the fastest growing compost manufacturer in the region with a production capacity of more than 100,000 tonnes per year through three factories in Giza, Suhag, and Naga Hammadi, with more to come. A Name To Trust We are trusted by many national partners who depend on our products. We are committed to supplying them with the unmatched quality we are known of. Quality Matters Our products are a promise of quality. They are made with serious adherence to standards to deliver nature's best to you. Not only compost, but all our products are 100% organic with no compromise in terms of matter, quality, or pureness. Truly... More
Numu Store
Numu Store offers a range of agricultural products, including equipment, sprayers, and planting pots. Catering to both small-scale gardeners and large-scale farmers, they provide practical solutions to support effective cultivation practices.
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