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Protect Phosphite 0-30-40 1/4L

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Size:1/4 L


N    -    P    -    K

0  -     30    -    40

Product Features:

  • Protect Phosphite is a liquid fertilizer manufactured to increase fruit set, Fattening and sugar content
  • Potassium phosphate compound contains phosphite ion and it stimulates the plant's natural immune system against pathogens and has an effective role in eliminating downy mildew and pythium as phosphite prevents oxidation enzymes in the process of phosphorylation inside the fungus, preventing its respiration and the fungus dies in addition to Phosphite does not transform into other forms inside the plant, which leads to protection of the plant from any fungal infection. It has a preventive and therapeutic role in fungal diseases and helps the plant to acquire new immune resistance against fungal pathogens.
  • Phosphorus and potassium have an important role in the success of the process. Flowering and Fruit set, which is reflected in an increase in the crop quantity and the quality of the fruits suitable for export in terms of hardness, colour, size and the length of the storage period. Its storage places are in the fruits, so the fruit takes the ideal size, shape and hardness.
  • Phosphorus is included in the composition of ATP - ADP energy compounds, which in turn activate energy carriers in the root cells to absorb nutrients from the soil.
  • Phosphorus and potassium are present together in the form of phosphite and can withstand stress conditions such as frost - drought - salinity - high temperatures, and the plant must pass critical stages quickly and effectively.

Application Rates:

Fertigation: weekly after flowering, fruit set, and until maturity

Growth Stage
Flowers 2 kg2 kg 4 kg
Fruits 3 kg4-5 kg6-8 kg

Foliar application: at a rate of 1 Liter/600 Liter Irrigation water

Size :
1/4 L

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