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Protect 18/18/18 5KG

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Size:5 KG Type:Powder











Product Features:

  • The compound is a soluble suspension in the form of a balanced fertilizer, featuring a ready-for-absorption ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. With its well-balanced composition, it proves to be beneficial for all stages of plant life, starting from germination to fruiting and maturity. Moreover, it plays a vital role in enhancing flower and fruit formation, improving the overall fruit quality, and extending their shelf life.
  • The compound functions to address symptoms of nutrient deficiency in crops with gradual maturity, especially in cases where determining the exact cause of the deficiency is challenging. It is specifically designed for crops that simultaneously grow, flower, and bear fruits while requiring balanced ratios of essential nutrients.
  • This suspension is designed to be utilized in all irrigation systems and foliar spraying, making it suitable for various stages of plant growth. It serves the crucial role of striking a balance between vegetative and flowering growth in plants. Notably, the potassium source within the suspension is derived from potassium nitrate, which represents the most favourable form of potassium due to its soft nature and rapid absorption, resulting in enhanced scaling, colouring, and growth.

Moreover, the compound contains a carboxymethyl sodium polymer, which significantly contributes to the strength and rigidity of plant cells. This polymer helps maintain the shape of the cells and protects them from both biotic and abiotic stresses, leading to strengthened roots, stems, and leaves. As a result, the overall strength and hardness of the plant are greatly improved.

Application Rate:






Application Rate

3 - 5 kg/Feddan

5 - 7 Kg/Feddan

5 - 8 Kg/Feddan

Application with the previous rates starting from the vegetative growth (the third week of cultivation) until the crop ripening, repeated twice a week, sprayed on the leaves.

Foliar application: 

1.5 kg / 600 litres of irrigation water, starting from the third week of cultivation, and repeat spraying every 2-3 weeks as needed.

Size :
5 KG
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