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Rooftox 5% EC 500cm²

480.00 EGP
Size:500 cm²

Rooftox 5%:

An infectious and contact insecticide that contains the active ingredient deltamethrin, which belongs to the group of pyrethroid pesticides specialized in combating leafworms, bollworms, and boring-sucking insects.

How it Works:

The active ingredient (deltamethrin) is lipophilic and therefore has a superior ability to penetrate the outer wall of the insect body (insect cuticle).
Roftox works to prevent the transmission of nerve impulses along the insect's nerve fibers and closes sodium channels, which disrupts the insect's nervous system and ultimately leads to paralysis and death of the insect.
The active ingredient deltamethrin has superior anticonvulsant power, which makes it excellent in reducing the risk of virus transmission.

Roftox 5% is used to combat many insect pests that affect field crops, vegetables and fruits, such as:

Beetles - Cotton leafworm - Cutworm - Spiny cotton bollworm - Grain moth - Potato tuber worm - aphids and whiteflies - mealybugs - scale insects - jassid - thrips - fruit fly - bean fly - onion fly.

Types of Diseases:

  • Potato tuber worm
  • Bollworms
  • Cotton paper butterfly
  • American worm
  • Fall armyworm
  • Pink bollworms
  • Cotton leafworm
  • Fruit fly
  • Spinal bollworm


  1. Rooftox has an immediate exterminating effect in addition to its repellent effect and as an inhibitor of insect feeding.
  2. Rooftox does not encourage mite growth like other pyrethroids.
  3. Rooftox's effectiveness lasts for 1-3 weeks, depending on the crop and type of insect, which ensures crop protection for long periods.
  4. Rooftox combats many insects of different orders on field crops, vegetables and fruits, as well as various crops of the cruciferous family, beans, peas and ornamental plants.
  5. Rooftox helps protect crops from viral diseases due to its superior ability to combat many boring, sucking insects that transmit viruses, such as aphids, whiteflies, and leafhoppers.
  6. Rooftox is characterized by short safety periods on treated crops.
  7. Rooftox has no harmful effects on treated crops and is suitable for integrated pest management (IPM) programmes.
  8. Rooftox does not accumulate in the environment and has no effect on groundwater.
  9. Rooftox is not washable with rainwater or center pivot irrigation.
  10. Accepts mixing with most insecticides.

*Precautions for use:

Rovetox is a non-systemic pesticide, so the entire plant must be covered when sprayed, and treatment must be at the beginning of the infection.
Do not mix this pesticide in the sprayer tank with alkaline pesticides or fungicides containing triazole.
It is not recommended to spray this pesticide when bees are active.
Roftox 5% is used to combat stored grain pests and domestic crawling insects such as cockroaches (Blattodea), flies (Muscidae), and mosquitoes (Culicidae), and farm animal pests such as horse flies (Tabanidae), and spiders in sheep, cows, and pigs (Ixodidae).

Size :
500 cm²

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