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Dora Super 4% OD 200cm³

190.00 EGP
Brand:E-Tong Active Ingredients:Nicosulfuron Size:200 cm³

Effective Material and Mode of Action:

Dora Super herbicide contains the active substance Nicosulfuron of the sulfonylurea group, which is prepared in the form of an oily preparation that spreads in water, quickly absorbed by the shoots and roots, which works to inhibit the acetolactate enzyme (ALS), an enzyme necessary for the production of many amino acids necessary for growth. As a result of spraying Dora Super, some brown spots appear on the new plants, which gradually increase until the weeds turn brown, then dry out and die completely during a period ranging between 3-4 weeks of spraying.


  • Dora Super is used completely safely in many countries such as the USA, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and many other countries.
  • Optional Super High Dora due to the ability of corn plants to destroy (metabolize) and analyze the active substance "Nicosulfron" and convert it into non-toxic substances that have no effect on the crop, which provides complete safety for the corn crop.
  • Dora Super in the form of OD (oil concentrate that can spread in water) is the latest form in the technology of preparing pesticides, where the oil drops of the preparation work on the surface of the plant in a homogeneous manner and penetrate the wax layer and improve the absorption of the active substance into the weeds, which ensures a strong and extended effectiveness against the treated weeds  Without the need to add any published materials.
  • Dora is super fast absorbing, as the active substance is absorbed within two hours after spraying, and therefore it is not washed off with rain water.
  • Dora Super is safe for beneficial insects, bees and farm animals.

Instructions for the optimal use of the pesticide Dora Super:

  1. The bottle must be shaken well before use.
  2. Don't spray in case of high temperature or in the afternoon time because this represents heat stress for corn plants.
  3. Dora Super should be sprayed in the presence of an appropriate moisture content in the soil to ensure that there is no thirst or stress for the treated corn plants, which may lead to severe damage to the plant, so it is preferable to spray after irrigation in an appropriate period where the plant is in its best condition.
  4. The level of al-Bashbouri should be as low as possible to concentrate the treatment on weeds.
  5. It is taken into account that the spraying is in the direction of the wind and that the spray does not fly over the neighboring crops.
  6. The homogeneity of the spraying in the treated area, and the non-concentration or repeated spraying on the same area, so as not to harm the corn crop.
  7. If any kind of stress or yellowing appears on the corn plant, amino acids or seaweed extracts are sprayed.
  8. Don't mix Dora Super with phosphorous pesticides and avoid using them in the treated field for a period of no less than a week after spraying.

Most Important Pests That Dora Super Prevents:

Thin-leaved weeds:
English NameScientific Name
Large CrabgrassDigitaria Sanguinalis
Green FoxtailSetaria Viridis
Goose GrassEleusine Indica
Wild OatAvena Fatua
Barnyard GrassEchinocloa crus-galli
Johnson GrassSorghum Halepense

Broad-leaved weeds:
English NameScientific Name
Common ChickweedStellaria Media
Lamb's QuartersChenopodium Album
Slender AmaranthAmaranthus Viridis
Common PurslanePortulaca Oleracea
Shepherd's PurseCapsella bursa-pastoris

Perennial Weeds:
English NameScientific Name
Bermuda GrassCynodon Dactylon
Crop Protection Features Group
Active Ingredients:
  • Nicosulfuron
Size :
200 cm³

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