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Dexo 48% SL 1L

380.00 EGP
Active Ingredients:Glyphosate Size:1 L

Introducing the pesticide:

A non-selective systemic herbicide belonging to the group of Glyphosate compounds that has proven its effectiveness, efficiency, economics and ease of use to combat many annual and perennial weeds compared to mechanical control methods, hoeing and other chemical pesticides.  The herbicide Dexo 48% is a recent addition to the group of Glyphosate herbicides, as it is produced by CP Manufacturing SDN BHD International.

Effective Material:

Dexo pesticide contains the active ingredient Glyphosate in the form of Glyphosate Isopropylammonium, which is highly efficient in controlling broadleaf weeds and annual and perennial total grasses, especially those that have acquired resistance to other compounds, which ensures complete eradication of all types of treated weeds.

How It Works:

Dexo 48% SL is absorbed through the leaves of weeds and vegetative parts and then transmitted through the plant juices to all parts of the plant where it inactivates the important enzymes for the synthesis of some amino acids needed to build proteins and thus causes a halt to the growth of treated weeds and is completely eliminated and thus does not grow again.

Symptoms of weed death begin after 3-5 days when used on annual weeds, or 2-3 weeks in the case of perennial weeds, where the weeds begin to yellow and then gradually turn brown, then dry and die.


  • Dexo 48% SL pesticide guarantees the complete eradication of all broad and narrow-leaved annual and perennial weeds, in contrast to the hoeing process, which leads to increased growth and reproduction of weeds again.
  • Dexo 48% SL controls a wide range of grass, broad and aquatic weeds.
  • Dexo 48% SL does not leave any toxic effect in the treated soil or water bodies and therefore does not affect the following crops. Therefore, the pesticide can be used before planting vegetable crops, field crops and ornamental plants on existing weeds completely safely. It can be used to control weeds that grow on the bridges of canals and drains.  
  • Dexo 48% SL is easy to use using conventional spraying equipment.
  • Dexo 48% SL is safe on farm animals, beneficial for insects and honeybees and aquatic life.

Notes to consider when spraying:

  1. It is taken into account that the age of the trees in the treated gardens is not less than 3 years, and that the weeds are in a state of full growth and activity, and that the vegetative growth is of an appropriate size to ensure adequate absorption of the pesticide.
  2. It is taken into account that the spraying is carried out after irrigation for an appropriate period (3-7 days) to ensure the activity of the weeds and thus increase their ability to absorb, while avoiding spraying if rain is expected within 6 hours.
  3. It is taken into account not to spray when there is wind to avoid spraying the pesticide spray on the neighboring crops and not to harm them.
  4. Spraying is taken into account using high-efficiency flocculants such as TK to obtain a homogeneous spray on treated weed surfaces, especially in the case of perennial weeds.

Recommendations and Uses:

CropsWeedsDoseDate of Application
Fruits GardensAnnual and perennial total weeds2.5 L/120-200 L water/feddanWhen the grass is 15-20 cm high
Grapes GardensAnnual and perennial total weeds2.5 L/120-200 L water/feddanWhen the grass is 15-20 cm high
Canals, drains, railways and railway bridgesPampas grass, Al-Hajna, Reedgrass, Blackberry20 cm/1 liter of waterWhen the weeds are in full vegetative growth and full activity
Broad and thin-leaved annualsPotatoes1 L/150 L of water
After weeds grow, spraying should be done before any vegetative growth of potato tubers appears
HallucinatoryFava Beans75 cm³(three sprays)/feddanThe first spray is with the beginning of flowering
The second is 3 weeks after the first spray
The third is 3 weeks after the second spray
Crop Protection Features Group
Active Ingredients:
  • Glyphosate
Size :
1 L

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