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Atlantis 1.2% OD 5L

Brand:Bayer Size:5 L

Atlantis OD is a systemic selective herbicide in the form of a water-dispersible, fixed oil suspension (OD) for the control of broad-leaved and thin herbs in wheat crop.

Very powerful and effective method of impact

Atlantis OD is characterized by the high potency, clearance and reliability:

Where its active substances are absorbed through leaves and soil, and transmitted systemically into weed tissues and work to inhibit the enzyme acetohydroxy lactate synthase (AHLS) responsible for the biosynthesis of important amino acids, which leads to the failure of protein synthesis in sensitive herbs. 

As for the protective material, it works to ensure selective efficacy as it eliminates herbs while protecting the crop from any damages.

Dynamic and rapid impact against herbs:

The process of absorption into the plant occurs very quickly, which leads to the failure of all activities and images of weed growth within 48 hours after spraying, as the weeds stop growing, followed by the weeds wilt and yellow and then die and dry completely after about 3-5 weeks of spraying.

New effect mechanism:

Atlantis OD kills weeds with a different mechanism of action than most common thin-leaved herbicides. It eliminates worms, falers, sedges and broad weeds such as hibiscus satanic, capers and other weeds scattered in wheat fields.

OD Advanced Technology - Liquid Power Technology:

The preparation of herbicides in liquid form in a fixed suspension in an oily medium is an unprecedented new discovery that led to the creation of a new easy-to-use form characterized by three basic characteristics:

Increasing the consistency of spray solution on weed leaf surfaces:

OD's technology uses a consistent system of diffusers that improves the adhesion strength and prevents loss of spray solution from the surfaces of the leaves of weeds, especially weeds with waxy leaves.

Improving coverage and outreach:

The oil suspension helps to spread the spray droplets on the plant surfaces, which increases the homogeneity of the droplet distribution on the thin and broad-leaved weeds.

Improving the absorption of active substances:

OD technology facilitates the penetration of the active substance into the tissues of the sprayed weeds, which leads to improved absorption of the active substances within a short period of time compared to other conventional forms of herbicides.

Flexible spray timing:

The high degree of safety of the crop guaranteed by Atlantis OD led to a great flexibility in the timing of spraying as the timing of spraying for wheat crop extends from the stage of 2-4 leaves.

As for the thin-leaved weeds, it also starts from the stage of two leaves and extends to the middle of branching.  While weeds are broad-leaved, the timing of spraying starts from the stage of 2 leaves to the stage of 6 leaves.

Stages and Rate of Use: (You must shake the bottle well before use)

CropWeed TypeGrowth Stage of WeedsRate of UseIrrigation
Wheat between age of 2-4 leavesThin-leaved WeedsFrom the stage of 2 leaves to the middle of the branching 400cm³/feddanPlease avoid watering before and after spraying for 24 hours
Wheat between age of 2-4 leavesBroadleaf WeedsThe stage of 2 leaves and up to the stage of 6 leaves 400cm³/feddanPlease avoid watering before and after spraying for 24 hours

Washing with rainwater and pivot irrigation:

Thanks to OD technology, the effectiveness of Atlantis OD is not affected in the event of rain or pivot irrigation after 4 hours of spraying.

The weeds it fights:
Atlantis OD controls many weeds, thin and broad-leaved, the most important of which are:

Thin-leaved weeds:

Avena spp.

Lolium spp.

Phalaris spp.

Alopecurus spp.

Broad-leaved weeds:

Euphorbia helioscopi

Chenopodium album

Malva spp.

Melilotus spp.

Vicia stiva

Rumex spp.

Raphanus raphanistrum

Sinapis arvensis

General notes and tips:

  • Atlantis OD does not need to add any binders or binders because it contains them in its unique formula.
  • Only used once during the season.
  • It is not used on barley crop.
  • It is advised not to spray herbicides if the wheat crop suffers from any stress conditions (thirst, waterlogging, frost, lack of elements, poor growth, etc.).
  • The methods and means used in the integrated management of weeds should be followed.
  • The recommended usage rate must be adhered to.
  • Take into account not to spray a field flooded with water.
  • Avoid spraying during wind activity and take into account that weed killers do not drift to non-target crops to ensure that no damage occurs to them.
  • It is not recommended to use the dorsal motor for spraying all types of weeds.
  • In the case of pivot irrigation, it is important not to irrigate two hours before the end of spraying.


It is recommended to conduct a mini-experiment before mixing large quantities and spraying in the field. It is also recommended to follow the instructions of the local distributor regarding mixing.
Not miscible with herbicides, paraffin oil and organophosphorous pesticides.  It is not recommended to mix more than one pesticide with Atlantis OD in the spray tank.

Planting after the wheat crop and the agricultural cycle is done normally

After spraying Atlantis OD and harvesting wheat (about 120 days after the date of spraying) and before planting subsequent crops, the following procedure should be observed:
In irrigated areas:

Follow the necessary agricultural operations (ploughing - leveling - irrigation) to serve the next crop.

In areas that depend on rain water:

After spraying Atlantis OD in wheat fields, it is necessary to ensure that it rains (100 m) and that cultivation takes place in areas with a rainfall rate of not less than (250 m) per season.

Toxicological classification according to WHO: III Mildly toxic


The instructions for use and precautions must be followed accurately, and the agent and distributor are not responsible for the results of improper storage and use

Advantages of Atlantis with its new OD technology in the field of herbicides:

  • Atlantis OD is a new, easy-to-use liquid form that contains self-dispersing agents.
  • Complete extermination of the most important weeds, slender and broad-leaved, in the wheat crop.
  • Great flexibility in timing of use.
  • Safe for the user, the crop and the environment.
  • OD is a modern, advanced technology invented by the German company Bayer Group Science, a pioneer in scientific research and future technology.

Atlantis OD is absolutely the best

An advanced systemic herbicide that belongs to the group of sulfonylureas, and it is a mixture of two active ingredients in addition to the protective substance Mefenpier-diethyl and the spreading materials, which gives it additional strength to combat a wide range of thin and broad-leaved weeds while ensuring complete safety of the wheat crop

Excellent control of all important slender-leaved weeds as well as some major broad-leaved weeds

Atlantis OD stops wheat weeds from competing for water and food immediately after spraying.

Successfully incorporated into weed control programs resistant to other herbicides.

It is used safely in the crop of soft wheat and durum wheat (the wheat that is used in the manufacture of pasta).

Size :
5 L

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