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Biota MAB 20L

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4,830.00 EGP
Size:20 L

Product Description:

Biota Mab is a high-phosphorus liquid fertilizer that not only enriches plants with phosphorus but also contains nitrogen. Both phosphorus and nitrogen are essential nutrients for plant growth.


Contains Nitrogen - N and Phosphorus - P2O5   12:61:0

Product Features:

  • Biota Mab prevents and treats the symptoms of phosphorus deficiency that appear on the elder plant leaves and then form leaf distortions, due to the transfer of the phosphorous from the old leaves to the new leaves.
  • Biota Mab is a product that helps in achieving dark green foliage in plants. Additionally, helps regulate the plant's ability to absorb phosphorus and potassium.
  • Biota Mab works to increase the plant's absorption of water as well as to raise the efficiency of the absorption of other nutrients.
  • Biota Mab helps in resisting diseases in some plants, as well as in adapting to low temperatures and humidity, and it also accelerates the maturation of the plant.
  • Biota Mab plays a major role in the vital processes that occur in the plant, such as photosynthesis and the metabolism of sugars, because it is involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll and the components of flowers and fruits.

Application Rate:

Foliar Application

1.5 - 2.5  cc / L water


2 - 3  L / Feddan

Size :
20 L

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