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Biota Cal Mac 5L

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1,500.00 EGP
Size:5 L


  • Biota Cal Mac contains calcium oxide 11% and magnesium oxide 6%.
  • Biota Cal Mac contains calcium, one of the necessary secondary fertilizer elements that is important in plant nutrition as well as in the soil. Calcium is absorbed in the form of positively charged Cat2 ions. It is a restricted element that does not transfer from old growth to new growth easily when it is deficient, which leads to the appearance of deficiency symptoms in the leaves. Modern and meristematic tissues first.
  • Biota Cal Mac: It contains calcium, which is considered important to plants and serves as cement in construction.
  • Biota Cal Mac is 100% absorbable in liquid form.
  • Biota Cal Mac facilitates the absorption of active, water-soluble, mobile calcium ions.
  • Biota Cal Mac: It gives crops immunity against physiological diseases that result from calcium deficiency, such as fruit cracking, small size, and vegetable core burning.
  • Biota Cal Mac is beneficial in strengthening the root system of the plant, increasing fruit hardness and storage, increasing fruit color, and raising the yield quality of the fruit.
  • Biota Cal Mac: Calcium deficiency leads to the emergence of many physiological diseases in fruit and vegetable crops, including: blossom end rot in tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini, cucumbers, and mangoes. - Black heart in celery and cabbage - Burning of leaf edges in lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower - The scar or soft pit in apples and the formation of hollow spots in the storage roots of carrot plants or the roots being cracked and the appearance of internal brown spots in the fruits and the formation of the soft end in mango fruits. - The appearance of peanut pods that are not full and the seeds contain brown heart disease - The appearance of dead spots in the marrow area of potato tubers and beet roots - The root system is small in size and the roots are twisted from the top up. The appearance of hollow cores in potato tubers, as well as failure in seeding in the case of seeding - blackening of seeds and poor formation of tomato fruits.
  • Biota Cal Mac: It contains active magnesium ions that work to increase chlorophyll content, improve the process of photosynthesis, and form carbohydrates.

How To Use: 

From 0.5 to 1.0 liters a week per feddan.

Size :
5 L

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