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Bio Urea 20L

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Size:20 L

Product Description:

Biota Urea is a liquid urea characterized with low-biuret so it is suitable for ground use and spray on leaves. It increases the availability of micronutrients in alkaline soils.


Contains low-biuret urea 46:0:0

Product Features:

  • Biota Urea is a nitrogen source that provides plants with this essential nutrient. Nitrogen is a highly mobile element and plays a crucial role in plant growth. It is an essential ingredient in plant cell protoplasm and is also necessary for protein synthesis.
  • Nitrogen is one of the most consumed nutrients by plants, and it is often the most nutrient inadequate in the soil.
  • Biota Urea has a clear acidic effect.
  • Biota Urea contains nitrogen, which increases the vegetative growth of the plant and protects the green areas from chlorosis while giving it a vigorous green colour.
  • Biota Urea could be used at the beginning of plant growth, after the formation of three genuine leaves, and it is often two to three weeks after planting the seed, depending on crop type.
  • Biota Urea Increases water penetration and reduces sodium content in alkaline soils, which leads to increased water availability and reduced salinity.
  • Biota Urea increases the efficiency of photosynthesis and reduces the rate of nitrogen loss.

Symptoms of nitrogen deficiency:

  • Pale colour of the leaves, especially elder leaves and their gradual chlorosis. The plant appears with a general weakness in growth and branching and small size of fruits.

Application Rate:

Foliar Application

3 - 3.5  cc / L water


2 - 3  L / Feddan


  • Should be added away from the plant stem to avoid direct exposure to the roots and damage to them.
  • Must not be used during the flowering and fruit set periods in crops.

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20 L
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