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Renova 25% WG 40g

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Size:40 g Type:Water Dispersible Granules

Product Description:

Renova is a new generation of highly systemic, broad-spectrum insecticides that works by contact and as a gastric toxin. It is characterized by a rapid and prolonged effect on sucking piercing pests (whitefly, aphids, thrips, leafhopper Jassids, mealybugs, scale insects, fruit flies, psyllids..etc) and many biting insects and leaf miners - which infect and cause significant economic damage to vegetable fruit and field crops. Each litre contains 250 ml of the active substance thiamethoxam which affects the nervous system of the insect.

Active ingredient:

  • Composition: Thiamethoxam.
  • PHI: 6-9 days in vegetables, 14 days for potatoes, 32 days for citrus and grapes, 30 days for sugar beet, and 40 days for melon, tomato, cantaloupe, and melon.
  • Formulation: WG (Water Dispersable Granules).
  • Type: Insecticide
  • Chemical family: Neonicotinoid, Nitroguanidine insecticides.
  • Mode of Action: (Nerve action) Bind to the acetylcholine site on nAChRs, causing a range of symptoms from hyper-excitation to lethargy and paralysis. Acetylcholine is the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the insect's central nervous system.

Product Features:

  • Renova is the second generation of the neonicotinoid family - a broad-spectrum insecticide characterized by a high rate of absorption. It is used as a foliage spray or as a soil treatment. It absorbs and quickly moves through the roots, leaves and stems and moves inside the plants ascendingly through the wooden vessels.
  • Renova has a strong effect, as it disrupts the receptors of nerve signals in the nervous system of the insect, which leads to malfunction and collapse of the nervous system and the rapid death of the insect.
  • Renova has a different effect method that contributes to breaking the acquired immunity in insects as a result of excess use of other different pesticide groups. 
  • Renova is a distinct, flexible and high-efficiency formula suitable for many irrigation systems and can be used as a foliar spray or watering by drip irrigation and fertigation systems. It is very effective in hot, dry and damp areas.
  • Renova is registered and used globally in more than 45 countries to control more than 160 insect pests affecting 110 economic crops. Therefore it is recommended to use it within the integrated control programs (IPM).
  • Renova is not affected by rain once the spray solution dries up and can be used safely under all different irrigation systems and means.

Application Advice:

Important notes:

  • The most important factors to the success of the elimination of the disease are early detection of infection, starting treatment immediately, good application of the spray and appropriate concentration to eliminate the pest.
  • Avoid Renova spraying during flowering. 

Ministry of Agriculture Recommendations:



Application Rate


White Fly

20 gm/ 100 L (Spray)



80 gm/ Feddan (Soil Treatment)

International Recommendations:

CropPestApplication Rate


White Fly, leafhopper Jassids, Aphids, leaf miners

20 gm/ 100 L water (Spray)

Watermelon, tomato, cantaloupe, melon.

White Fly, leafhopper Jassids, Aphids, Thrips

350 gm/ Feddan (Soil Treatment)

Citrus and grapes

mealybugs, leafhopper Jassids, Aphids, Thrips

25 gm/ 100 L water (Spray)



40 gm/ 100 L water (Spray)

Sugar beet

Beet leaf miner

20 gm/ 100 L (Spray)

Mixing Compatibility:

  • Renova accepts mixing with most fungicides, insecticides and various growth regulators... unless otherwise specified. Recommended to make mixing trials.
Crop Protection Features Group
Disease Resistance:
  • Aphids
  • Jassids
  • Plant Hopper
  • Termites
  • Whitefly
Size :
40 g
Water Dispersible Granules
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