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Roxy 10% EC 200cm³

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Active Ingredients:Novaluron Size:200 cm³

Contains the active ingredient Novaluron


  • An insect growth regulator that acts as an infectious poison and prevents moulting of the first stages of insect larvae with economic damage to various crops, as they refrain from feeding and die.
  • It causes high death rates for insect larvae and nymphs, especially in the early stages of hatching.
  • It specializes in economically harmful insects, so it is safe for the environment and vital enemies.
  • It contributes to breaking the acquired immunity of many of these insects as a result of the excessive use of other pesticide groups, so it is recommended to use it efficiently within integrated control programs.
  • It works on the outer surface of the plant and is not absorbed inside, so it is safe when used, especially on vegetables.
  • Accepts mixing with most other insecticides and growth regulators - unless otherwise specified and preferably a mini-mixing trial before extensive use.
  • Efficiently used in the control of grains stored in warehouses in complete safety.

How It Works:

Inhibiting the formation of chitin in the insect's body during moulting, causing its death, especially during the growth stages of the first stages of the life of these insects, especially immediately after hatching.

Note: Not to be used in drip and sprinkler irrigation devices

Dosage according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture:

CropDiseaseRate of UsePHI
TomatoCotton leafworm200 cm/feddan3 days
StrawberryCotton leafworm300 cm/feddan 10 days
PotatoPotato tuber worm300 cm/feddan3 days
Sugar beetCotton leafworm60 cm/100 L
7 days
Crop Protection Features Group
Active Ingredients:
  • Novaluron
Size :
200 cm³

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