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Novicure 70% WG 5kg

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Active Ingredients:Tribasic Copper Sulphate Size:5 KG

Novicure is the chemical form of copper sulphate, which dissolves in water and produces copper oxide (with very small granules), which increases the effectiveness of the compound in eliminating many fungal, insect and bacterial pathogens that affect many important economic crops.

Contains the active ingredient: tribasic copper sulphate containing 40% metallic copper.


  • A fungicide, bactericide and insecticide (with a wide range in eliminating pathogens).
  • Pesticide and nutrient in rice crop to control rice blight, compensate for copper deficiency and control rain.
  • An effective pesticide to eliminate lichens that affect most fruit trees.
  • Strong effect on the control of citrus rust mite.
  • It is safe to use and does not emit any dust when preparing the spray solution.
  • The best image of copper that can be used in control programs - completely safely.
  • The compound in its form does not form crystals during its use in spraying.
  • It is used in a program to control fire blight on pears and apples with high efficiency. It can also be mixed with
  • Antibiotics are completely safe.
  • It is used to control leaf hole disease (peach - plum - apricot).
  • It has a wide range in the control of whitewashing types - blights (early and late) anthracnose - scab - citrus gum and bacterial staining.
  • It is used within organic farming programs with complete safety.
  • It is used to control snails in alfalfa fields completely safely.

Recommendations for use: 175-250 g / 100 liters of water (it is better not to exceed the recommended dose).

Ministry of Agriculture Recommendations:

CropDiseaseDose / 100 L waterNotes
TomatoEarly Blight175 gPH of spray solution not less than 5.6
PotatoEarly Blight
175 gPH of spray solution not less than 5.6
GrapeDowny Mildew250 gPH of spray solution not less than 5.6

International recommendations for the compound (and implemented in some Egyptian farms):

CropDiseaseDose / 100 L water
PeanutLeaf spots175 g
OnionDowny White/purple speck175 g
Strawberry Angular Leaf Spot175 g
BeansCercospora Leaf Spot / Blights175 g
Crop Protection Features Group
Active Ingredients:
  • Tribasic Copper Sulphate
Size :
5 KG

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