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Milbeknock 1% EC 100cm³

Brand:Mitsui Active Ingredients:Milbemectin Size:100 cm³ Type:Emulsifiable

Effective Material:

Milbeknock 1% pesticide contains the active substance known as Milbemectin at 1%, which is a natural substance extracted from microorganisms known as Actinomycetes.

How It Works:

Milbeknock 1% is considered a pesticide that affects the nervous system of the pest, as it works to inhibit and stop the transmission of nerve signals from the areas of its release (central nervous system) to the areas of influence (organs) through the inhibition of the neurotransmitter - gamma Aminobutyric acid (GABA).  As a result, all members of the body of treated mites or insects stop and become completely paralyzed, stop moving, feeding and breathing, and then die.

Features of Milbeknock Pesticide:

  • Milbeknock pesticide is highly effective in combating many mites, such as the red citrus mite, the European red mite, and the citrus rust mite in all its stages (egg - larva - nymph - adult animal) and this effectiveness is not available in many other compounds.  Milbeknock is highly effective against many worms.
  • Milbeknock is highly efficient in combating many piercing sucking insects such as aphids, whiteflies and thrips
  • Milbeknock pesticide is effective in controlling tunnel makers on all field and fruit crops without any toxic effects on treated plants.
  • Milbeknock has a short pre-harvest period, which ranges between 1-7 days, depending on the type of crop.

Milbeknock is Environment Friendly:

  • The active ingredient of Milbeknock, known as Milbemectin, is a natural substance produced by the organisms known as Actinomycetes that was discovered in Japan.
  • Milbeknock is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (2000 US - EPA - MAY) as a Reduced Risk Pesticide.
  • Milbeknock is recommended by the Dutch CTB Authority that it is a GNO compound, which is a product of natural material and can be used on farms that follow the organic farming method.
  • Milbeknock is registered in Japan, France, Netherlands, Romania, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and others.

How It Works:

Milbeknock pesticide is used no more than 2 sprinkles per season to control different diseases

cm³/100 L
Pre-harvest Period
Apples - Citrus - Grapes - Pears- Panonychus Ulmi (European Red Mite)
- Tetranychus Urticae (Red Spider Mite)
- Panonychus citri (Citrus Red Mite)
- Aphids
- Lyonetia Clerkella (Apple Leaf Miners)
70 cm³7 days
Strawberries- Regular Red Spider50 cm³1 day
Eggplants - Beans - Tomatoes - Cucumbers - Watermelons - Cantaloupes- Eriophyid Mites (Rust Mites)
- Agromyzidae (Leaf-miners)
- Whitefly
50 cm³1 day
(watermelon 7 days)
Crop Protection Features Group
Active Ingredients:
  • Milbemectin
Disease Resistance:
  • Aphids
  • Leaf Miners
  • Red Mite
  • Red Spider
  • Rust Mite
  • Whitefly
Size :
100 cm³
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