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Tliscon Max 40% ME - 125ml

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Brand:Tabarak Size:125 ml Type:Liquid

A fungicide in a new form (ME) and a modern technology that gives the highest absorption rate of the pesticide within the plant parts and the lowest toxicity rate. Tliscon Max is characterized as a systemic (preventive and curative) compound consisting of two active substances, Difenoconazole 20% and Propiconazole 20%, which give a broad double effect on many diseases A fungal infection that infects many crops.


• The ability to stop the growth and development of the fungus and its spread from one place to another.
• It is used as a preventive and curative pesticide because it is a systemic compound that permeates the plant through the plant juice, thus preventing the germination of mushroom spores, the spread of the mycelium of the fungus, and the occurrence of new infections on the plant, thus giving the preventive and curative effect against fungi. Therefore, it fights many fungi such as leaf spot diseases, early blight, gum stem blight, and powdery mildew.
• Its effect is extended because it has a high stability ability under changing climatic conditions (temperature - high humidity - rainfall).
• Safe on the environment and biological preparations (low toxicity).
• It is compatible with integrated pest management programs.
• Depends on breaking the immunity acquired by the fungus from the use of other pesticides.

 Recommendations of the Egyptian Ministry of Health:

CropTarget DiseaseRate of UsePHI
Sugar BeetCercospora leaf spots40 cm 3 / 100 L water7 days
Size :
125 ml
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