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Nativo 100g

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  • Category: Fungicides
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BrandBayer Size100 g TypeWater Dispersible Granules
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Nativo 75 granules dispersible in water is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide that works preventively and curatively for the control of powdery mildew in grapes and cucumbers.

Nativo contains two active substances, tibioconazole from the triazole group and tri-floxystropin from the strobilurin group, and thus two different ways to influence and eliminate fungi and break immunity to other fungicides.

Commercial product image: granules dispersible in water.

Active ingredient concentration: 250g/kg Trifloxystropin, 5000gg/kg, tebuconazole.

Oral lethal half dose for mice: <5000 mg/kg body weight

WHO classification: Active ingredients:

Tebuconazol: Class III

Trifloxystobin Class |||

Formulated product: Class III

Effect method:

Nativo has two ways of affecting the fungi because it contains tebuconazole and trifluoroquine. 

Tibioconazole is a Qatari master that follows the triazole group with systemic properties, which eliminates the fungus by inhibiting the synthesis of citrullin in the fungal cells, which leads to the absence of the formation of the cellular borders of the fungi. 

Trifloxystropin combines the properties of systemic and contact insecticides, as it dissolves and penetrates the waxy layer of the leaves of the plant and inhibits the action of mitochondria responsible for respiration in fungi.


Nativo has a high and fast efficacy as a systemic, preventive and curative pesticide, and an extended residual effect that provides protection for the plant.

Nativo is strongly absorbed through the waxy layer on the surfaces of the leaves and gives the plant excellent protective protection. The redistribution of the active substance on the surfaces of the leaves contributes very strongly to the fight against diseases even in untreated plant tissues.

Nativo works to prevent the occurrence and development of the early stages of fungal infection by inhibiting the germination of spores, elongation tubes and fungal cushions, as well as preventing the best ciliary spores
It renders it immobile in oomycetes.

Nativo is safe for the environment, beneficial parasites and predators, and is not harmful to bees.

Nativo is effective in breaking immunity to other fungicides due to multiple places of effect

Nativo is well suited for use within integrated pest management programs.

Crop Protection Features Group
Disease Resistance:
  • Dark Leaf Spot
  • Leaf Blight
  • Light Leaf Spot
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Ring Spot
  • White Blister
Size :
100 g
Water Dispersible Granules
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